Friday, 7 September 2012


What if getting clean, drinkable water to developing countries was as simple as using a resource they already have in abundance? Sunlight. Designer Gabriele Diamanti believes this simple idea is key to solving the world's water problem -- so much so, that's he created the Eliodomestico oven, which turns salt water into drinkable water.

Diamanti explains the oven by saying it works like an "upside down coffee maker." A boiler is filled with salt water and left out in the sun. As the temperature rises, pressure increases in the sealed oven producing steam, which is forced down through a pipe. The lid of the oven collects this steam and condenses it into drinking water. This oven only uses heat from the sun and requires absolutely no electricity.

Diamanti wants the project to remain open-sourced, meaning that it will always be evolving because anyone, from designers to local communities, can modify or improve it.

While a finished product is still in development, the oven has earned a Core 77 Design award and accolades from others in the design industry. The hope is that the recognition will lead to funding and help move this project out of the development phases and into the homes of the families that need drinkable water most.

Check out the video below for a full description from Diamanti.

Eliodomestico from gabriele diamanti on Vimeo.

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