Just the other day, I read yet another article about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. I was sitting while I read it. Don't judge. Obviously, being active is good for our health, but what if it was good for our gadget's battery life? A concept device from design studen Toby Blake uses movement to power up your phone.

The Kinetic Charger is a colorful little clip-on that uses a technique called reverse electrowetting to turn mechanical movement into electricity. Essentially,a microfluidic device pushes nano-droplets of liquid through channels embedded in a thin film. The movement of the droplets through the film produces an electrical current. This same process was used in a pair of electricity-generating shoes we covered last year.
The charger can store up to 4 watts of generated energy. And when one device is connected to another, the charging capacity doubles. Phones and other electronic devices connect to the charger through a USB cable.
It's a tiny package, but it packs allot of tech. Too bad it's just a concept for now. Until then, put your charger on the other side of the room, at least that forces you to get up and walk.