Friday, 20 July 2012

Thought Transfer Attitude

Thought is a most power full object in the world. Every great Invention start from   a simple thought but how a thought is going to be effective? When we think something about new Idea then lots of reasonable and conditional small thoughts will come into our mind. These small thought creates a big Idea which is basically a filtered thought by reasons and conditions. It is still not effective because it is only in our mind. If we want our imagination to become true then we have to transfer our thought into the mind of someone who is a right person for this. Here we need a positive thought transfer attitude.

The ability to explain something and understand something 100% will show, you can do anything in the world. If you have one of them then you are an average human but if a person doesn’t have both explaining and understanding ability, then he is nothing in this world.

In this universe nothing is perfect but if we try we can get good quality to become a perfect human. Below are some small steps, how to enhance the quality of explaining and understanding something 100%.

1. To enhance understanding power first step is to generate listening ability. We have a little bad habit i.e., when a person is telling something about any subject in a long way then we stop listening and start thinking something else. We can’t even listen full sentence if we already know something about the subject.
Remember “Only a good listener can have good understanding power”.
2. To be a good explainer you must have a good analytical skill. You have to analyze your listener’s interest area during speech.
3. Always bound your speech under your speech subject.
4. Always keep speech in perfect speed.
5. Concentrate On body language it must be good to attract listeners.  
6. Always check attention of listeners by ask positive question. Human brain is a complex System so it can’t stay on one subject. We have to bound all listeners in our subject.
7. Always give practical real-life example.
8. In quire sessions always turn question in your Strong area.
9. Do not fall back in giving answer.
10.  Prepare for questions which are not under your subject but related to it. When you’re giving speech on computer science a question can be create from quantum physics like, what is quantum computer?  we will discuss more on my next post  "How to Insert your idea in Audience mind"

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